In praise of pollination

Apple blossom. One of the highlights of spring. The delicate beauty of the white flowers tainted by a pink glow. Enriched by the knowledge that a successfull flowering season will provide a healthy harvest of delicious apples in the autumn.
That is at least what we have taken for granted until now.
Global disaster is now on the doorstep, as populations of bees and other pollinating insects have declined at alarming rates in recent years. Pollinating insects are crucial for the production of about 30% of world food production. Pesticides, monocultures, loss of biodiversity and disease are all factors that seem to be contributing to this frightening trend.
We cannot afford to lose this ecosystem service provided by pollinating insects. A future without bees would not only be duller without the buzz. We would also lose so much of what we have always taken for granted.

(Watch the Swedish documentary "Bieffekten" on SVT play in Swedish. Available from Thursday 29/5 at 20:00.)

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