I am an ecologist and nature photographer based in Uppsala, Sweden. I am proud to be an elected member of the Swedish Nature Photographers /N. 
For me, nature photography is a great way to enjoy and document life on our yearly trips around the sun; as the seasons change and as we humans change the world - for good and for bad.


I was born in Wales in 1972, but have lived in Sweden since 1986. Today I am based in Uppsala, Sweden. I have a PhD in ecology and work as a  conservation ecologist.

For me, nature photography is fundamentally about communicating my experience of the natural world. That may be through documenting conservation issues, or simply sharing my personal observations of nature.

In 2010 I was elected as a member of the Swedish Nature Photographers association and earned the right to put an "/N" after my name. Members are committed to an honest ethical approach to nature and nature photography.

I have recently taken the step into mirrorless cameras and now use pro equipment from Olympus. I always shoot images in RAW format and process with Adobe Lightroom.



info (@) nickruys.se


+46 (70) 372 79 56


You can now order my photobook, which is a collection of images from the past years. More information:

All images in the book can be ordered as fine art prints. For pricing and info, see Fine Art.

I  also sell images direct to clients as well as via the image agency Azote.

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