I dagarna kommer senaste numret av tidningen Fotosidan Magasin. Där finns ett 8-sidigt presentation av mitt fotograferande och arbetet med min fotobok Guldkant - bilder från vardagen.

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The Fyris River, downstream from central Uppsala.

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I have put together a short photo story of how life is returning after the vast forest wildfire of 2014. Two years have passed, and trees, moss and animals are thriving, showing how life is adapted to this natural disturbance.

(The text captions are in Swedish, providing about the same info as stated above)

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Försäljningen är nu igång av min första fotobok på eget förlag. I "Guldkant - bilder från vardagen" samlar jag bilder från den senaste tioårsperioden. En kort introduktionstext berättar om mitt fotografiska uttryckssätt. På drygt 100 sidor varvas sedan bilder i färg och svartvitt.
"I vardagen pågår livet, och ur livet kommer min inspiration till bilderna. Bilderna föreställer sällan min vardag, men speglar den ofta."

Titel: Guldkant - bilder från vardagen
Av: Nic Kruys
Format: 20x25 cm, stående
Sidor: 102 sidor på 150g Gallerie Art Matt papper, limbunden.
Omslag: 260g kartong
Pris: 190 SEK + porto + emballage
Beställning: Endast från mig. E-post till info (at) nickruys.se

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In november 2016 I will be releasing my first own photo book. In just over 100 pages it summarises my photography from the past ten years. A brief introduction (in Swedish) describes my approach to photography. The book is mostly colour images, with a few in black and white.

Title: Guldkant - bilder från vardagen
By: Nic Kruys
Format: 20x25cm
Pages: 102, printed on 150g Gallerie Art Matt
Cover: 260g soft cover
Price: 190 SEK + postage + packaging
Order: Only available from me. E-mail order to info(at)nickruys.se
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As I previously reported, vegetation is rapidly returning to the site of the enormous wildfire that occurred in Västmanland, Sweden in 2014.
Mosses and liverworts are spreading on the ground. From this moss layer birch seedlings are sprouting up all over the place. This growth and regrowth of the vegetation is going to provide large amounts of food for herbivores, who return some of the nutrients to the ground in the form of droppings.
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Almost two years have past since the great forest fire in Västmanland. The seemingly sterile charcoaled landscape is now being reclaimed by plants and wildlife. At the moment the ground in many parts is "on fire" with the pinky-red glow of milkweed/willowherb. A couple of weeks from now the cotton-white seeds will change the landscape again as they are blown away like fluffy clouds.
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Experts predict a record harvest of blueberries this year. As much as twice the normal amount of berries can be expected in Swedish forests.
On a smaller scale I have noticed a rapid increase in blueberry plants. When the large forest fire of 2014 killed off almost all vegetation from trees to mosses, it looked like the field layer, with bluebery and lingonberry plants, would take years to return.
The other day, I took a walk in the fire area, and noticed that the blueberry plants are on their way back already. From tiny patches that escaped the fire, they are now spreading wherever there is soil to grow on. So interesting to see how nature returns after such a vast disturbance.
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My favourite bird song - the Blackbird. Probably one of the most well-known birds in most European cities. The Blackbird  thrives in gardens and urban green spaces. Hearing it call as I cycle to work, or when I'm out on an evening walk always gives me a peaceful feeling. I know I'm not the only person to appreciate nature's anti-stress effect in this way. However, it is something we often take for granted. As our cities grow, replacing green areas with grey, trees with concrete, the services nature provide us for free are equally reduced. Step by step. Are we going to realise nature's true value for human well-being before it's too late?
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